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A Quick Fix for a Closet

Jonathan and I are working our way around his apartment. This session included work in a closet. It held a variety of items – kayak paddles, bike tires, crutches, a table leaf, sketch pads, weights, brooms, kite string, flower pots, a tennis racket, a life preserver and a brightly colored safety vest.

A closet with sports equipment and other stuff before we cleared its clutter

We pulled everything out from the bottom, wiped down the paddles, and strategized about where to put back all items. We placed the paddles along the left side, and the crutches, table leaf and brooms on the right. Against the back wall – the sketch pads and bike tires. In a red plastic bin retrieved from another room, we placed the flower pots, weights, and kite string. We hung the safety vest.

On the shelf, we placed the life preserver and tennis racket horizontally. Not bad for half an hour’s work! The best part – Jonathan was pleased.

A closet, cleared of clutter and reorganized

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