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Before Kitchen Ceiling Repair and Painting

There are some areas in Robin and Dave’s house that might benefit from some organizing attention. First, though, she and I decided to focus on the kitchen. Why? Someone was scheduled in a little over a week to repair a small area of the ceiling, and then to paint it.

While items on the counters would be covered, there might be some dust, too. Clean-up will be easier if the counters are as clear as possible.

I explained to Robin my professional organizer’s method. We would start on one counter and work our way around the room. We started, first discussing an attractive, though broken, wooden pepper mill. Keep and repair or toss? We decided to keep it. Next, a small box with random cords and chargers which, incidentally, is the most common thing I see when working with clients. Often, people are unsure of what they might match. We set a few aside for Robin and Dave to consider. Next, we tossed expired supplements and pills, and recycled their containers or packaging. We placed some small appliances in the dining room where they would be close by, if needed before or during the ceiling project. We set aside some items to discard or donate.

Part of the kitchen counter before we cleared its clutter
Clutter gone from part of the kitchen counter

Next, we continued the process on the other side of the sink, clearing clutter and consolidating items.

Before we cleared clutter from another part of the kitchen counter
Clutter cleared from another part of the kitchen counter

What’s next? That’s to be determined but, as we finished, Robin was smiling, and the distant snow-covered mountains were bathed in glorious sunlight, a precious commodity this winter!

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