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A Big Basement Project Begins, Vol. I

Judy and Nathaniel currently live in more house than they need. They plan to eventually downsize and move closer to family.

Judy and I started on some basement shelves. We placed unboxed family heirlooms on the top shelf, where some of Nathaniel’s boxed treasures were already stored. We set aside other items for donation, and still others to discard or recycle.

We consolidated lots of plastic cutlery, paper plates, and other picnic supplies. We found some forgotten family photos that made Judy smile as she looked through them. We carefully set them aside, too.

As we finished our session time together, we both marveled at the empty space on the middle shelf. Success! Next time, we’ll finish the bottom shelf and move elsewhere in the basement.

Basement shelves before we cleared their clutter
Basement shelves organized and cleared of clutter!

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