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Touching Everything in the Office Closet

Nancy wrote, asking for some help. Would I be available to clear clutter in her office closet? Of course!

As always, I suggested that we start in one corner, and work our way around, top-to-bottom. One goal of hers – to make office supply items like rubber bands and post-it notes easily accessible, so that it would be easy to replenish those supplies in her desk. She also wanted to “touch every item,” to be sure if it was a “keeper” or not.

We did exactly that, also discussing “what to put where.” Nancy is relatively short, and I wanted to avoid her having to use a step stool too much. (I’m also short, though taller than she is, and I don’t like having to “streeetch” to reach top shelves.)

Office closet shelves before we cleared them


Shelves organized with items easier to reach


When we finished, Nancy was relieved. Success!

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