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Kitchen Drawer De-cluttered!

You know how it can be. An apartment kitchen drawer, meant to store more than one kind of item, gets crowded. Not only did it hold all manner of kitchen gadgets, but also some of the snacks that Grover prepares for husband Frank’s lunchbox.

She and I pulled out each item. Needed? If so, we paid careful attention to its placement back in the drawer, to accommodate her disability. Easy access is a must! For those items no longer needed, we put some in a big paper bag, to be placed on the apartment building’s free table. Reduce, reuse, recycle! We put some others, past their useful “lives,” in the trash.

The kitchen gadgets and snacks drawer before we cleared its clutter.
The kitchen drawer, with clutter cleared, and contents easily seen and reached

When we were done, Grover was thrilled! Not only were kitchen gadgets easy to reach, but Frank’s snacks fixings were, too. Her smile was a delight to see!

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