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Closet Clean-up

In many families, closets can become dumping grounds. In this family, Elizabeth and her two teenaged sons lead busy lives. Those two “conditions” meant that the closet closest to the garage and the kitchen could use some attention.

Suggesting my tried-and-true professional organizer’s method of working top-to-bottom, Elizabeth and I pulled everything off the closet shelf. We “assigned” a bin for each family member so that, when winter returns, gloves and hats will be easy to find. A couple of other bins were for extra items.

The right side of the closet shelf before we cleared its clutter
"A place for everything, and everything in its place."
More closet shelf clutter
Extra bins for extra stuff = no clutter!

After we thought through, and organized some of the family’s winter warmth needs, we turned our attention to those hanging below them. Elizabeth and I carefully looked at all of the items, deciding that some were too “past their prime” to donate, and set them aside for the trash. Others were collected for donation. Others, both hers and some still likely to fit her very tall sons, were re-arranged, so they will be easy to pull and wear.

Closet clutter before we cleared it
A more "workable" closet

But wait, there’s more! Like all above, we went through the shoe bins below. We matched some sandals, shoes, and boots that were without their “mates,” kept some pairs, and set aside others for the trash or donation.


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