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Big Basement Room Changes

Michael and I devoted a session to one of the basement rooms. We would use my professional organizer’s tried-and-true method of working our way around the room, and top-to-bottom.

We would start on a set of shelves which he called the “toy library” – a delightful surprise! We looked at each item, and he decided if it was a keeper, or should be tossed, or donated. Of course, we also cleared the floor in front of it, too.

The "toy library" before we cleared its clutter
The updated "toy library"

Next, the set of shelves to the right, which held camping gear. We made sense of it, better arranging items so they’ll be easier to see, and then pack for family fun.

Cluttered camping gear
Camping gear ready for family fun!

How many families have cribs that have been used for three generations of babies? This one does! We removed some items from inside and around it; again, to toss or donate.

A crib used by three family generations!
Such a pretty crib!

Moving to our right, there was a set of shelves “calling out for attention.” Again, working top-to-bottom, we cleared the general disorder. Now, some fun, too. We placed a small art piece by Michael’s mother on the top shelf towards the left, and tucked into the corner an old photograph of a rather stern-looking man. Who is he? Michael’s great-grandfather in Russia!

Shelves "calling out for help!"
Organized shelves, including an art piece and old family photo

With a cleared wall that now seemed empty, I suggested that we hang a kite. Of course, I asked about the pipe running the length of the room. It was okay. It may surprise anyone walking into the room for the first time!

A kite "flying" in the basement
The kite!

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