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Basement Medicines and Remedies “Treated”!

For our next project, Michael and I returned to the basement. One of its rooms includes built-in shelves, holding lots of medicines and natural remedies. He has an ailment that requires some of the items for treatment. It had become hard to see all of what was there.

As ever, using my professional organizer’s method of working top-to-bottom, we started on the top shelf. Working our way down, we pulled some medicines to return to a pharmacy, and dumped others into a paper bag, while saving their containers to be recycled. We would pour out others.

We even consolidated holiday wrapping, putting them on one shelf together. They will be much easier to see, when the time comes to use them.

Cluttered shelves before we cleared them
Cleared clutter on the shelves!

On the lowest shelf were some bottles of wine, produced by Michael’s third cousins in France! We put them on the top shelf.

Medical clutter and bottles of wine!
Cleared shelves!

As we finished, there was empty space on the shelves! Bonus points!

What’s next? Maybe more in that room, but there also is another basement room to de-clutter, and a shed, too!

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