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A Kitchen Transformation, Step Two

For our second kitchen transformation session, I started by asking Willow lots of questions. How often do she and her husband use the microwave, to the left of the stove? The toaster oven that was over to the right? “Thinking out loud,” I started exploring the idea of moving things around a bit.

Starting on the side of the kitchen with the fridge, the stove, and the sink, we started next to the fridge. We moved the little sugar bowl to the shelves on the other side of the room, and relocated other items, too. We would move the microwave to the middle space, and the toaster oven to the left, next to the fridge.

The microwave with other items before we moved it and cleared clutter
The toaster oven in its new spot, with clutter there gone

Moving to the middle section, between the stove and the sink, there was a wood piece, like a bread box, that held spices. They would be a separate project. We removed it, moved the crock with cooking spoons, spatulas, and the like to the left of the stove. We placed the microwave there and, above it, a box with morning medications. Would the butter dish in front of it be a problem? Willow said no.

The bread box and spices before we cleared their clutter
The middle section with the microwave, medications box, and hand soap

Now, to the right side, next to the sink. We had already moved the toaster oven to next to the fridge. Willow reached down, and magically produced a dish drainer and placed it in the open spot, above the dishwasher. That made sense! She also put the paper towels in the corner.

Before we moved the toaster oven
The dish drainer in place, next to the sink and above the dishwasher

We also discussed the spices, spread around in the bread box and across the room on a shelf. We looked online at some storage options, and decided on an arrangement that would fit in a drawer. We measured. Hopefully, it would be delivered before our next session together.

Also in the kitchen, a towel with a famous image that husband Zach received for Christmas. Ha!

For a laugh!

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