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An Office/Crafts Room Transformation Begins!

Jess is a busy professional. She also loves crafts of many kinds. As has been true for many other people spending more time at home during COVID-19, her workspace became cluttered. She, her dear friend Lisa, and I started on its transformation.

Where to begin? The room has a large worktable, a desk, shelves, two beds, and more. We chose the worktable. We would work from one side to the other. With Jess looking a bit apprehensive, I reassured her that all would be okay. We moved the little flower pots to the window sill. We added pens to the cubby holes on the far right corner, added yarn to other storage in the room.

As always, it was a matter of carefully considering each item – how often used, how easy to reach. It’s a process, which sometimes calls for later tweaking. There’s more to do in the room.

As we finished, I suggested a homework assignment for Jess. A somewhat tough one, I asked her to decide which bed to remove from the room. It would allow for more badly-needed storage. Onward to next time!

The worktable before we cleared its clutter
The worktable ready for action and fun!

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Posted in Crafts Room, Office, Success Stories

Progress in an Office/Crafts Room

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