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I worked with Ellen Gurwitz for two Saturdays. Under her guidance and logical approach, we turned my depressing basement from Clutter and Grunginess into Order and Cleanliness. It is nothing short of a miracle. Now I take all my friends down to see my basement!

For 29 years, everything that didn’t have a home found a home in the basement, along with drifts of dust and cobwebs. Now only those things that I want and need have a place in the basement. I feel that a breath of fresh air has entered my spirit. – Ann


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For a Quick Clean!

Are you expecting guests on short notice? Are you looking at mess that you can’t tolerate anymore, and have little time to clean? If you live in a small apartment, you can fix it all in ~30 minutes; if in a larger space, spend an hour. You’ll focus on the kitchen, bath, and living/dining spaces. Here are some steps to make you smile.

  • Gather basics – floor and bleach wipes, glass cleaner, countertop spray, air freshener.
  • Pick up all that’s on the floor and put it away.
  • Spray all kitchen/dining room surfaces and wipe them dry.
  • Using bleach wipes, wipe down the sink, toilet and shower.
  • Use glass cleaner on bathroom mirrors. Don’t forget the entryway, if there’s one there.
  • Shake out rugs and straighten pillows. Use air freshener on upholstered surfaces.
  • Light some candles if you have them, and lower the lights a bit, if you’d like. Put on some music. Smile!

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