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The Living Room – Quickly!

Her mother sent a link to the De-clutter Me! website – from Minnesota! Bryce got in touch. She had recently moved into a new condo. I sensed that moving had been exhausting. (When isn’t it?!)

When would I be available to help sort things out? Soon; in fact, it actually could be possible two days later. That doesn’t often happen!

Our task – to clear the living room, so that she could relax a bit, without looking at piles of various things left from moving. We started by setting aside clothes for storage. We collected notebooks and other materials for writing and art projects, tucking them away next to the couch, in the corner. She’ll be able to easily reach them there, when the time is right.

I suggested moving a large flat screen TV, which was in the small entryway, to protect it until there’s time to have it mounted on the wall. I placed it next to the couch, with the screen facing the wall, with the mounting hardware and cables.

We also cleared part of the kitchen counter, discussing the best places to store various kitchen-type objects.

The very full living room area before we cleared it
The cleared couch and kitchen counter - aahh!

Our time used up, we discussed our next session. What to do? That was to be determined but, in the meantime, Bryce was smiling. Success!

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