A bathroom closet in Ann’s house could use some attention. Crammed onto the two top shelves were sheets and towels used on a sailboat she no longer owned, plus a variety of beach towels. Lower shelves held smaller towels and wash cloths, a collection of hotel and other toiletries, a hair dryer, neck braces, a heating pad, and other supplies for a disabled daughter, plus rubber workout bands, facial tissues, and toilet paper.

As ever, working top to bottom, the first task was to re-fold all of the sheets and towels. They were returned to the top two shelves, with their folds showing. It’s a subtle, though powerful, thing to do. It eliminates (what another client called) “visual noise.” More simply put, it just looks neater.


Next, the smaller towels and wash cloths were straightened. Toiletries were organized and placed into two containers already there. The hair dryer, rubber workout bands and health supplies for her daughter went into plastic bags. The neck braces were stood up in the back, where they could be seen easily, with the heating pad nearby. The facial tissues and toilet paper remained on the floor, also easily seen and reached.


At the end, everything was organized and easily reached. Attention paid!

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A Bathroom Closet That Could Use Some Attention