Ashley’s lovely apartment includes a river view. I arrived on a sparkling October morning, warm enough for the door to her little outside deck to be wide open!

How to spend our time together? She chose the bathroom clutter. We started below the sink. The area was packed, making it hard to see what was there. We started by pulling everything out. I suggested that she might want to consider buying pull-out bins. We looked online and found some that she liked. In the meantime, we carefully returned still-useable items, making sure that everything could be reached easily, or the clutter might return. When done, I wondered out loud if the bins were necessary. She likely would know soon, as she started to use the newly-organized space.


Next, we looked at the counter next to the sink. Stored on it were a number of items that could go elsewhere. We placed the hair “appliance” below the sink with other electrical things. We tossed other items and set others aside, to be placed in the drawer, where we would focus next.


The top drawer presented a challenge! It was overflowing, making it difficult, if not impossible, to find anything except what was on top. We tossed cosmetics past their prime, recycled packaging, and strategically placed items used daily where Ashley could reach them easily. We placed jewelry in several small boxes at the back, where she could reach them easily, too.


After our session together, the bathroom clutter was cleared. Ashley could use the room easier. Success!

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Bathroom Clutter Cleared – Now Easier to Use!