Amelia shares a rented house with two other people. Her bedroom must provide space for sleep, meditation and music practice, since she’s in a band.

In our first session, while getting acquainted and planning what we would accomplish together, we focused on clearing the floor and meditation area. We talked about files to end paper build-up. In another session, we created an organization system in her closet, using storage bins and baskets she already had. The next time, we discussed finances.

With her goal of attending a dear friend’s wedding, which will require plane travel across several time zones, I suggested that she open a savings account specifically for trips. Adhering to a strict weekly cash budget and “allowance” might help her curb non-essential spending. Anything left over could be deposited into the trips savings account.

We devoted part of our most recent session to scheduling. By writing down where she must be and when, since she also has two jobs and other activities, it cleared some of Amelia’s mental clutter. She looked very relieved and smiled as we finished. We scheduled our next session.

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A Cleared Room, Savings and Scheduling = Less Physical and Mental Clutter