As we work our way around the house, Etienne and I used one of our sessions to clean out a bathroom closet, and also under the sink. We found expired medications, old cosmetics, and other items to be tossed.

As always, we used my professional organizer’s top-to-bottom method. By now, Etienne is accustomed to it, and perhaps even could have predicted it.

Our plan included a bin for each family member, with nothing important blocked. Why? That would encourage putting items back into their newly designated “homes,” instead of just tossing them into the nearest available container. That would undo our work! Supporting that goal, we carefully discussed placing a few bins behind or under others, noting that doing so can lead to clutter returning. They would hold items the family rarely uses. Etienne promised!

The closet done, and with some time left in our three-hour session, Etienne and I turned around, and began working under the sink. There was ugly, old shelf paper, placed there by the previous owners. Pull it? What might we find under it? Reluctant to “go down that path,” we decided to clean it instead.

We placed under the sink her husband’s foot massager. He’s on his feet a lot at work, so he uses it very often.

Almost done! Last, we cleared, cleaned and organized the drawer under the sink. It held an array of tooth care products and other old “whatnot.” We contemplated pulling more of the old-looking shelf paper but, in the end, decided to leave it, too. The result – a partly empty drawer. Hooray!

Where might be next? Perhaps it will be son Jack’s room. Away in Chile for three months, he gave us permission to work in his room before he returns home, but we are NOT to sell his Legos!

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A Family Bathroom Gets Needed Attention