Sarah devotes many hours each week to her work in the health care field, sometimes even including on her days off. She spends as much time as possible outside, hiking and camping.

Where to start? We would clear living room clutter but, first, the hallway’s. We set aside boxes and bags for other work, and moved on to the living room.


We started with the bar cupboard, dusting off the alcohol bottles on top, and removing random other items to clear its surface. Inside the cupboard, we consolidated some items, so that Sarah would find them easier. The plug strip was a safety hazard, with the vacuum’s long cord plugged into it. We moved it to near a wall outlet. We placed a few items on the floor underneath, intended for her aunt, who was in the process of moving.


Our next stop was the table. First, we rolled Sarah’s bright orange sleeping bag, aired out after a recent trip. We cleared the table, put the vacuum in the corner, and emptied the blue bag, adding its contents to other camping supplies. The rest of the table area would have to wait for another time together. There were other, more important areas to clear.



With our remaining first session’s time together, we focused on the couch and coffee table. We folded the throws and placed them on the back of the couch. That was easy! We grouped remotes on the end table near the wall. We cleared the other end table, and the coffee table, too, leaving candles on it for Sarah’s enjoyment.

As we finished, Sarah was pleased that we had made such initial progress on clearing her living room clutter. More next time!

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A First Session Focused on Living Room Clutter