I worked recently with Jacqueline, in the house she and Jayne bought a year ago. The kitchen has so many cupboards and drawers (a good problem to have!) that many like items were spread out, rather than stored together. For example, appliances were in three different locations. We consolidated them in a corner lazy susan.

They host lots of big parties. Most shelves of a cupboard were taken up with plastic cutlery, paper cups and reusable picnic plates. Even though it’s warm now and picnic season approaches, we bagged most supplies and put them in the basement, close enough to grab quickly when the urge to eat al fresco becomes irresistible.

Thinking ahead to the time when they will home-school son Liam and daughter Sarah Jane, we devoted two cupboards to art and school supplies.

With this first project done, Jacqueline smiled so brightly that her expression could have lit the town square near their house! Like so many people say, she shared that she felt lighter. Success!

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A Good Problem to Have!
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