Muneeza emailed from Connecticut, looking for a professional organizer. Would I be available to help her best friend Eileen, as a holiday gift? Sure!

Eileen is busy. Her husband is away for work from Sundays through late on Fridays. She home schools their two active and bright children, and works, too.

How to use our two gift sessions (six hours total)? She decided to focus first on an extra downstairs kitchen in their house, part of a former apartment. It stores home schooling supplies, her sewing materials, wrapping paper, books, and other miscellaneous items. In our first session, we made a good “dent” in the kitchen, and would finish it during our second session.

In our second session, we finished the kitchen.

With our remaining time, we turned our attention to the apartment living room’s books and LPs. The smaller bookcase section results follow.

When our time was up, Eileen was pleased, and I was happy to email Muneeza with thanks for her loving gift.

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A Holiday Gift from Afar