Occasionally, De-clutter Me! is hired by Home Sweet Home, a California company that does corporate relocations. I work here in Vermont with the family that is moving away. With husband/dad Stephen already at his new job in the South, wife/mom LaTrisha and I focused most of our time purging in the kitchen, before the movers come to pack the family’s belongings and drive them away.

We opened several kitchen drawers, separating items, including lots of paper, to be recycled, shredded, or tossed. We put some of the remaining items in reclosable plastic bags. They will be easy to consolidate when the movers pack the kitchen.

We also worked on two kitchen cupboard shelves under a drawer. Newly organized, it holds a couple of small appliances, and varied other items that will be easy for the movers to pack.

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A Kitchen Purge Before the Movers Come