After a few weeks’ break for the holidays, Willow and I resumed our work together. Next up – the kitchen, a lovely, big space that could use some organizational help and suggestions.

We started with a counter that’s like an island, and the table. First, we put the eggs from their chickens into the “egg room,” several feet away. We put produce that doesn’t require refrigeration into a big, pretty bowl. I placed it to the side, then later moved it into the bigger part of the counter, explaining to Willow that I once put a plant in the middle of a counter to control my own behavior. (It worked!) We moved the wooden cupboard, full of supplies for their dog Dylan, to the top of the fridge in the “egg room.”


Next, we worked on the table next to the window. It had become a dumping ground, of sorts, with a spray bottle, candles, jars, and other items that could “live” elsewhere. We put some items away elsewhere in the kitchen, and tossed others. I suggested that she consider buying some pretty placemats and placing them on the table, to encourage eating meals by the window, and to discourage “storing” things there.



What might be next in the kitchen transformation? TBD!

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A Kitchen Transformation, Step One