Most of us have them – kitchen junk drawers. In our third kitchen transformation session together, Willow and I focused on two drawers. The first one had a collection of varied stuff – pens, twist-ties, binder clips, batteries, boxed cupboard hardware, hand warmers, a random coffee cup top, and more.

We collected all of the pens in rubber bands. I suggested that Willow go through all of them after we finished working, to keep the good ones and toss the non-working ones. It wasn’t a good use of our time together. We placed twist-ties and binder clips in clear snack-size plastic bags.


When we were done, there actually was open space in the drawer. Yay!

On to the second drawer, where we found a few cooking-related items – a rolling pin, a biscuit mold, a zester. There was room for them in a drawer we worked on previously. Yay again! We put small tools and a tape measure together, twine and painter’s tape next to each other, and restaurant take-out menus in the front. There was open space there, too. A third yay!



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A Kitchen Transformation, Step Three