Meg moved, with most of her belongings, to a retirement community six months ago. She planned to sell her former home, a large condo. Then, COVID-19 hit, upending her schedule. Now, we were working on some of what remained in the condo.

The basement, with its several rooms, is more like a separate apartment. Meg wanted to focus on its only unfinished room, which held a lifetime of memories. Items on its metal shelves reminded her of her own childhood through her sons’ weddings, and beyond. She’s led a life filled with adventures, including travel to distant lands.

We sifted through the shelves, and also items on the floor. In another room, we set aside a growing “collection” for donation, and hauled upstairs bags of other items to be discarded or recycled.


Meg was delightfully surprised when the floor was clear! Now, with this project done, she could move forward on selling the condo.

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A Lifetime of Memories to Consider