Jess and John lead a busy life. Both working professionals, they also enjoy a wide variety of activities. Time can be tight, including for keeping things straight. We decided to tackle the living room.

The long view…there were several areas “calling out for help.”

The long view of the living room before we cleared its clutter

First, a set of decorative shelves, which looked okay at the top. The middle and bottom areas, though, had become a crafts materials storage area, with spill-over onto the floor. As ever, we started at the top and worked our way down. We left some free space, set aside the crafts for storage elsewhere, and cleaned up the floor.


Our next focus was the TV area. We moved their dog Blaze’s bed, placed some of Jess’s rocks collection treasures under the wide screen.

With COVID-19, Jess has worked at home much of the time. The couch became her primary workspace. We separated papers to either go back to her “real” office or upstairs office, returned salt and pepper to the kitchen, folded throws and other small blankets,

As we finished, John said that he didn’t think we would get it all done. I admitted to having privately thought the same way. The final photo shows the long view again, greatly improved. There were smiles all around.

The long view, much improved!

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A Living Room Ready to be Lived In Again