Two young brothers share a bedroom in a stately house dating from 1830. They were there to help part of the time, while their dad Yoshi and his partner Jessica were more present.

First, their two beds. When getting into bed at night, I asked if they care if their beds had been made in the morning, or if it feels okay if not. They didn’t respond much. Saying that I much prefer to slip into a made bed, I added that it’s a strongly affirmative morning action. It also feels more respectful to the self.

Starting to move around the room, we focused on a trunk and the items on top of it. First, we moved the chair, empty boxes, and portable plastic file box. Then, we pulled many Legos pieces from around the room, and added them to the trunk, which was now about two-thirds full with them. Hopefully, any wanted pieces could be found and, maybe equally important, not stepped on. That hurts!


Our next focus was a set of shelves on the wall. We changed it to better display some toy tractors, small stuff animals, and books. Below the shelves, we put some more stuffed animals in a basket, and also placed a miniature hot air balloon atop a toy bus.


Moving around the room, we turned our attention to a low red chest. We closed its doors, and removed empty boxes.

As we finished what was visible, Jessica and I looked at bins stored in the closet. One held a funny surprise. Her partner Yoshi, a high school teacher, paints houses during the summer. The bin’s contents – three painting shoes. Not two or four. Three! Where was its “mate?” We laughed.

For a laugh!

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A More Welcoming Boys’ Bedroom