Josh works full-time and is a student, too. When home, he’s usually too exhausted to help wife Stephanie, including caring for their two young daughters. He got in touch, thinking that a session with De-clutter Me! would be a thoughtful Valentine’s Day gift for Stephanie.

After some scheduling challenges, we finally met in late February. The girls were away visiting, and Josh was studying. Where would Stephanie like to work? Quick answer – in their daughters’ bedroom. Sure! She first said that she didn’t like a black piece with big cube spaces, so we moved it out of the room. Next, we centered a bookcase and placed two low shelving units with plastic bins on either side of it.

Sharing my experience as a professional organizer, I suggested that we start in one corner of the bedroom and work our way across it. Stephanie agreed with the plan.

After I took some “before” photos, we began, adding certain kinds of toys to the plastic bins already holding them. We placed stuffed animals in two big bins, dolls and their clothes in another. We paired other specific toy pieces with their bases or carrying cases. Stephanie said that it was great to see the bedroom floor and that their girls would be thrilled, too.



Josh joined us towards the end. They were pleased with the bedroom, adding that they will want more sessions with De-clutter Me! One will be before he graduates in the spring, and another will be before the family moves during the summer. Happy Valentine’s Day! Success!

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A Most Unusual Valentine’s Day Bedroom Gift!