Kelsey emailed, having found De-clutter Me! in an online search. Would I be available to help her mother, Lynne, as a Mother’s Day gift? Sure!

In a phone conversation, as is customary when talking with new clients, I told her about my work process. She wanted to discuss it with her sisters. Their decision – yes, please!

As I arrived on a sunny morning, Lynne greeted me with a smile. We would work in a room that stored baking supplies, books, and also served as overflow pantry space. We would start on metal shelves holding varied supplies, some crafting items, gift bags and ribbon. I explained that my professional organizer method is to work top-to-bottom on shelves. We would place items not often used on the top and bottom shelves, saving the “most valuable real estate” for items she uses most, right in front of her field of vision. It would also be important  for her to be able to reach them easily, since she uses a walker. Balance is especially important!

I first brought down a box that held a little “fairy house.” I placed it across the room, with the goal of using it in the tall bookcase. A couple of little holiday items went into a holiday items basket on top of the bookcase.



Asking Lynne lots of questions about what she bakes most, and with which pans, etc.,  I arranged them so she could easily reach them, with a minimum of moving items to get to others. Plate chargers and rubber bowl lids were placed vertically at the back to use space well and to add some visual interest. Small gift bags went into another larger one.

Next, we turned our attention to the tall bookcase across the room.  It held many cookbooks, especially for baking, plus self-help and other books with inspirational sayings.  There also were photo albums, bagged photos, and instructions for crocheting.


I grouped “like” with “like,” including safely placing the little “fairy house” on a shelf where Lynne would  enjoy it. Photos were put together. It all would be easier on the eyes.

With our remaining time, we focused on a low bookcase that functioned as overflow pantry space.



While working on the tall bookcase, I couldn’t resist placing a particular book where Lynne would see it often. It honors her baking hobby and might be a good way to proceed through uncertain times!

Keep calm!

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A Mother’s Day Gift