Andrea and I devoted our second and third sessions together to the mud room, just inside the front door. We went through baskets and drawers which “house” gloves, ski goggles, biking and gardening items, and more. We rearranged boots in a low metal bookcase. We set aside a window screen, paint and related supplies for basement storage.

We tackled a big blue bin with deep cubbies, pulling winter fleece and ski clothes. Once they are washed, Andrea will hang them above, where there is plenty of room on the hanging rod. The cubbies are completely empty! Spare space is like gold. The mud room is ready to be truly functional.

With a bit more session time left, we turned to a table in the hallway. Andrea said that it’s meant to be the space where family members can easily find and grab needed items just before heading out the door – suntan lotion (even needed on sunny winter days), bug repellent, flashlights, etc.

In our next session, Andrea and I will work in her bedroom, including clearing some clothes from the closet. She’ll need the extra space to hide Christmas presents!

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A Mud Room and Hallway Table Ready for the Winter Season