Etienne and Paul share a closet, which could present some challenges. She and I decided to make the space work better for both of them.

We started with Paul’s folded clothes on a shelf. We pulled out some items, refolded, and put them back. I suggested placing everything with the fold facing out. It’s a subtle, though powerful, thing to do, reducing “visual noise.” It looked neater and there was more storage room, if needed.

Next, we worked on Etienne’s shelf, with relatively little already on it. Even so, folding and clearing clutter made more space available.

Below the shelf, the rod holding Etienne’s other clothes could use some attention. We consolidated dresses and slacks and, as much as possible, hung long items together.

Below, we pulled everything out, off the closet floor, hanging some items and placing shoes in the cubbie holes to the left.

With a bit of time left over, we cleared the top of Etienne’s dresser. It would be much nicer to look at from across the room, in bed. Relaxing and restful, too!

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A Shared Closet Cleared