How had three months passed since Willow and I were last together? Busy-ness, travel, COVID, and other delays got in the way. Finally together again, I asked where she would like to start. She walked over to the storage cubes, inset like a closet on the side of the living room. First, we discussed the cast iron pot holder, hanging in front of them. Why not use it in the kitchen for its intended purpose? She and her husband both thought it looked awkward in the available spaces, and used up too much energy. Agreed! Willow brought it out onto the back deck. She’ll string small white lights through it and hang it there. It will look festive!

Next, using my customary professional organizer method of working top-to-bottom, we touched each item. We set aside a few things for donation, others to be tossed, and still others to be stored downstairs in her crafts area. When done with the cubes, they looked neater, and there even were a few empty ones. Easier on the eyes!



We then worked on the sitting area across from the storage cubes. We repeated the organizing process with the boxes on the floor and on the upholstered chair.


Next, on to low storage cubes and the little table in front of it. We consolidated some paper, recycled catalogs, and otherwise “neatened up” the area. It also included the couch.


Now, how many pets do you know of that have their own designated sitting areas? Well, pooch Dylan does! He kindly does share it with Willow, though. Why else would a small lamp be there? We “neatened” it up.


We next focused on the dining table, repeating my organizer’s process of touching everything, before deciding to toss, recycle, or store it elsewhere. The table now felt more inviting to use.


With our remaining session time together, Willow and I worked on a hutch next to the dining table. As ever, working top-to-bottom, we consolidated items to toss, recycle, or store elsewhere for crafts. We placed candles together on the middle shelf, where they’ll be easily seen for use in the darker times of the year.



It was a very productive session! What might be next? That’s to be determined…

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