Jennifer and Jim are so excited about organizing their home! When we were together last time, we agreed on some homework for the kitchen, where we would work next. They would clear the top of the fridge. They also would remove most items from its door, leaving only printed tasks lists. These are the first steps to their organized kitchen.

Excited to see them both, when arriving, I first looked at the free-standing island that “straddles” the kitchen and living room, where we worked last time. Still clear! It works for them, including the tiered inbox for mail. Success!

The top of the fridge was organized, holding items that it makes sense to store there. To my delighted surprise, the door was completely clear! They decided to tape the discussed tasks lists to a cupboard door instead. The cleared fridge door already was acting as a powerful reminder of the great decluttering work they were doing. We joked that it was a shrine to organization, too.

We started on the cupboard on the right, pulling everything out. Some items that they don’t use often were returned to the top shelf. We put some oils and spices on the middle shelf. On the bottom left – a lazy susan, with nothing on it. I suggested that, as we worked, the best items for it would “migrate” there. On the right, plastic bags, plastic wrap and aluminum foil. In the back, a couple of disposable aluminum tins, which Jim said would be useful for preparing and bringing food to people who might be ill. As we worked, some vitamins and other medicines found their way to the lazy susan. Organizing magic!

We worked our way to the left, clearing two more cupboards. I suggested that we take a break from them, so we could clear the counter in our remaining time together. We moved three big jars holding grains and nuts to one of the cupboards. Jennifer placed squashes in a tiered wire hanger next to the window above the sink. We scrubbed the counter, and consolidated coffee-related items together.

When we were done, Jennifer and Jim were thrilled with the progress made, again praising my work as a professional organizer. Our next session, in a few weeks, will focus on more kitchen cupboards, plus the all-important junk drawer.

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A Work in Progress – The Organized Kitchen

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