A woman called, sounding a bit anxious. There were a number of problem areas in her house. One was a messy room. No one could walk in it. There was a drum kit, which her family wanted to sell. Other stuff was scattered around. Could/would I help? Sure.

I asked her to have ready seven boxes or big, strong garbage bags – for items to stay in that room, to toss, to recycle, to give away, to donate, for other rooms and, if needed, “not a clue.”

We scheduled a Saturday morning session, on a day that was cold, rainy and dreary. (We’ve had so many!) Perfect de-cluttering weather – and better then than the next day, Easter, which was much nicer.

With her son’s help, we first moved the drum kit downstairs into another room, near a door. Potential buyers could see it easily. How to sell it? I recommended the Front Porch Forum.

In just under three hours, we cleared the space, so her family can walk in the room. We placed many items into the available boxes, so that she could continue the process.

What will we do in our next session? We didn’t decide but, for the moment, the messy room’s clutter was conquered!

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