It’s been brutally cold here in Vermont, the kind of weather that keeps our population low. (Some people, who otherwise love Vermont, don’t move here because of our winters.) Wind chills have been dangerously low. It can test our spirits.

How to keep our spirits up, and also protect our health? It’s easy! House plants provide an easy fix. They can be comforting and restorative to look at, also reminding us of warmer times of year. Plus, they magically help to clean the air.

Bonus points. If you douse yours in the shower monthly, they’ll look much “happier.” I figure, too, that photosynthesis has a better chance of working if not competing with (even small amounts of) dust. More bonus points – as you tend to plants in the shower, you also may smell their potting soil. Perhaps it’s another reminder of gardening in warmer weather, which also may comfort you, especially on cold winter days. Though not anytime soon here in Vermont, spring WILL come!


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An Easy Fix to Boost Our Spirits and Protect Our Health