Over two sessions, Mike and I worked in the basement. It held luggage, craft supplies, holiday decorations and wrapping paper, lamps, a family antique upholstered chair that will be repaired, audio equipment, lots of CDs and (gasp!) cassette tapes. (Remember them?!)

Using my professional organizer’s usual method, we started at one end and worked our way across the room. We put the luggage against a wall, consolidated crafts supplies and holiday stuff. We set aside the upholstered chair, which has “good bones.” We put all of the CDs and cassette tapes into bins. We collected small jewelry pieces for wife Katie to inspect.




When we finished, Mike was happy, and his wife Katie was thrilled! What will we do next? That’s to be determined but, for the moment, another Success Story!

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An Eye-popping Basement Transformation!