There are a few areas in Hannah’s apartment that could use some attention. Where to put items that might need storage? The front closet would be a good spot. First, though, it was time to clear its closet clutter!

As many people have, there were a few bags of bags. We set aside some to keep in her car, and others to donate. We put in the trash a styrofoam cooler that had seen better days.

While Hannah took an important phone call, I grouped a small cooler, lunch boxes, and plastic cooler-sized containers together on the closet shelf. We added some items to a big bin storing holiday items that’s tucked into the sloping back corner of the closet, under the stairs.


We pulled out food items, inspecting them for expiration dates. Some went into the trash. We kept pastas and rice past their “sell-by” dates, as Hannah felt confident that they would be safe to eat. To avoid visual noise, I turned around the boxes, so that their names showed, instead of nutrition information. (It’s important, too, but the other sides are easier on the eyes.) We grouped baking ingredients in two side-by-side cubbies, so they all would be easy to see and use. I carefully placed other items in the cubbies, so that Hannah could see them, too.


At the end, there was room to actually hang jackets and a vest in the closet, instead of using hooks on the closet door. Less visual noise! Closet clutter gone! Hannah’s big smile was a pleasure to see!

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An Important Step – Clearing Closet Clutter