Kereith got in touch. The fitness business, where he is the general manager, had recently moved its offices. He wanted help in a few areas that could use a professional organizer’s touch.

A new administrative staff member would soon join the organization. We spent some time at the front desk, making it both more welcoming and a space to accomplish good work.


We also worked on the kitchen. The counter top on a set of shelves across from the sink had accumulated some items in the weeks since the business move. We eliminated its clutter, including some snacks that we would place above the microwave.

We discussed the cupboards. We grouped coffee and tea together, then cups and paper plates with plastic cutlery at the top.

We placed the snacks, not eaten very often, in the cupboard above the microwave. (Yes, there is a step stool nearby for reaching them.)

What might be next? Perhaps hanging art work, to be determined. In the meantime, Kereith was pleased.

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An Office Front Desk and Kitchen Area Transformation