Lell and Rex have a lovely house within viewing distance of Lake Champlain. Our project was to organize the pantry. Its shelves were somewhat organized into categories (baking, condiments, canned goods, etc.), though some spill-over had happened over time. Lell, who is about five feet tall, couldn’t see all that was stored, even when using a step stool. Also, a tray holding precariously-balanced plastic drinking bottles was on top of the small fridge, and some items had “drifted” down to the floor.

First, I pulled everything on the floor out into the kitchen. Lell sampled crackers and other snacks whose bags were closed with clothes pins. We tossed anything “past its prime.” We added some still-good ones to a fabric-lined basket, already holding other snacks. At her direction, I rearranged shelves, using shelf extenders. Soups, tuna, olives, coffee, tomato sauces and cereals for Rex are now grouped. Paper plates and cups are on a low shelf. S’mores ingredients are together, sure to delight two 12-year-old girls who will soon visit from the South.

Sometimes, small details delight us the most. Lell is thrilled that the sugar is visible and easily reached! We worked hard, and she was pleased.

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An Organized Pantry
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