Emily, Drew and their three sons live in a house that’s full of spirit. That even extends to the basement, where we spent our first session together. In the middle – a ping pong table that could be fun to use. We cleared around and under it, taking note of the guitar cases, so their contents wouldn’t be damaged. We also worked around the drums kit, so they can be played. We discussed a display case from Emily’s former store in town, which must “find” a new home. I suggested an antiques dealer who might be able to help.

We moved a couple of low dressers to against a wall and next to the stairs. We talked about boxes of books. Keep? Donate? Discard? They’re mostly Drew’s. He’ll go through them. He also stores professional clothes in the basement, switching them according to the seasons.

Next time? To be determined, as Emily and I opened our calendars and discussed another session together.

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Another Basement “Calling Out for Help”