Recommended by her niece Sarah, who’s already a De-clutter Me! client, Kristen emailed. She recently downsized, moving from a house to a condo. The basement was packed. She needed to purge more, beyond what she did before moving. Could I help with the basement clutter? Sure!

What are Kristen’s plans for the room? She would like to use it for working on crafts, especially with glass, and also for workouts, sometimes with niece Sarah. All good to know! I recommended that we design the room to leave as much clear space in the middle as possible, also because there are no windows. We don’t want the room to feel like a tomb!

After looking around, one of the first things we did was to move the boxed TV against the wall, to protect it and to clear a path.



Next, we emptied a few boxes, adding their contents to a few bins. We consolidated empty bins and other storage containers. We placed and stacked them and furniture against the wall, to clear more space. We’ll be able to reach everything easily next time.


The built-in piece, maybe meant to be a bookcase, held a box of art to be hung. I added another box there, to protect its contents, and so all will be together for when the time is right to enjoy that process. We moved a sturdy plastic storage piece and a white cupboard to the corner, which may be a good spot for them to be useful. TBD!

We discussed a wooden shelving piece that she doesn’t have room for anymore, and how to sell it. We set aside the grill cover and some plastic to protect her bikes on the front porch, as the season’s first snow was expected overnight and the next day.


We cleared more of the middle of the room. Now, Kristen can walk around it, without feeling overwhelmed by everything there. Next time, we will continue the process of clearing the basement clutter to make it a useful and enjoyable space. Yay!

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Basement Clutter – Clearing a Path