Melinda and I began a huge project in her basement. She and her husband enjoyed woodworking together. Cleanup didn’t always happen as it might. Three years after his passing, she was ready to transform the space into one where she could enjoy making things again. We would clear the basement clutter.

We originally met through choral singing years ago but, otherwise, didn’t know each other well. We started to get better acquainted by organizing a workbench top.

The task was straightforward. We tossed some items, moved pencils and pens, and some tools to “join” others elsewhere, and cleaned off its top.

It was a pleasant experience. Why no photos here, as in other posts? When taking “before” and “after” shots, I was so focused on the surface area that I didn’t notice a photo of her on the wall. Since confidentiality is a key element of this business, it wouldn’t be appropriate to include them. In the 10+ years of operations, that’s happened only a handful of times. Oh, well!

Onward to our next session, which surely would include more satisfying progress and laughter!

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Basement Clutter Clearing – A Process, Part One