The job of clearing Melinda’s basement clutter is a BIG one. Luckily for me, she’s a pleasure to work with – lively and spirited – yay!

In a next session, we focused on “liberating” a gizmo whose use I had to ask about – a buffer for tools that have been sharpened. Truth-be-told, I’m asking about many items in the basement. It’s attached to the top of a small table. We also would clear the area immediately around it.

We started with the recycling bin and another box inside it on top of the table. As with most items we’re meeting along the way, we put individual pieces into one of several other receptacles – the trash, recycling, donations, for wood burning, and maybe for her stepson.

When we were done, the buffing gizmo, which had been mostly hidden, was clearly visible and ready to be used, when the time might be right.

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Basement Clutter Clearing – A Process, Part Two