Meghan and I began a huge project to clear the family’s basement clutter.  It was loaded with toys and storage of varied types – books, college notes, DVDs, kitchen equipment, fragile keepsakes, kids’ dress-up costumes, other clothes, luggage. Our goal – to convert part of it into safe play space and the rest into orderly storage, with items easily found and used, if needed.

As part of our first session, we mostly emptied a kiddie pool of its stored toys. (No, there was no water in it!) Meghan graciously donated some of them to the annual tag sale of a local women’s chorus, which was scheduled for several days later.


Next, we put an empty corner to good use. Magically, Meghan had some already-bought sturdy plastic shelving. Easily assembled, we placed lots of husband Justin’s books, old school notes, and boxed memorabilia on them. Now contained in one spot, when he has a few spare minutes (ha!), he can look through them, and toss or recycle what he no longer wants.


We strategized about how to divide up the basement. Maybe it would be possible to clear enough space for their two young children to ride scooters around on winter days that might be too cold, or icy, for them to play outside safely. It would take a number of sessions. Meghan had great energy, enthusiasm, and determination. Onward!


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Basement Clutter to Play and Storage Space – Part One