Meghan and I continued our work on clearing her family’s basement clutter. We cleared a path through part of the basement, where a small pile of moving boxes and clear plastic bins were stacked. Methodically, we opened and explored the contents of each container. Some items were set aside for storage with other like items. Others were tossed, and still others were set aside for recycling. We stacked the collapsed boxes for husband Justin to bring upstairs to the garage for recycling. We pushed the remaining plastic bins to the side a bit and, like magic, a path appeared! Yay!


Next, we turned around to work in a corner. Our goal – to store some of their two young children’s toys and costumes. First, we would clear it. It was a jumble of toys, books, parts of costumes, boxes, a bin of wooden train parts, and some empty bins. Also there – a little white storage piece with three drawers, Meghan’s from when she was little. We placed it on the previously-assembled and loaded plastic shelves, safely set aside for when daughter Emmie would use it. We placed some items on the two low bookshelves already there, and consolidated others in a bin or two. Now, the children would be able to reach and enjoy using some of their play things much easier, and also be able to return them when done.


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Basement Clutter to Play and Storage Space – Part Three