In a next session clearing basement clutter, Meghan wanted to focus on a wall. Stacked against it were a futon couch, with its rolled and tied mattress. She’s had it for a long time. Thankfully, it’s in good shape. It will be useful in the basement for seating, but also to provide a barrier between the evolving play and storage areas. There also were chairs, bedding, fragile glassware, DVDs, and more.

She magically pulled out more sturdy and substantial plastic shelving units, which she had already bought. We assembled, then placed them against the wall, and loaded them. We carefully placed lighter items on top, and heavier ones on the bottom. Also thankfully, several large bins fit perfectly on the shelves – yay!





It was a very satisfying morning’s work. We both were almost stunned by the area’s transformation! Meghan was pleased, and looked forward to our next session. We would clear more basement clutter and continue its transformation into a fun play and organized storage space. Onward!

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Basement Clutter to Play and Storage Space – Part Two