In our next session, Kristen and I focused on the bigger room’s basement clutter. It was just after Thanksgiving. The December holidays, plus some other priorities, would delay our work together for several weeks, maybe more. At the least, I wanted Kristen to be able to work with glass, a craft hobby that she enjoys. The goal of adding workout space would have to wait.

Again using my professional organizer’s tried-and-true method, we would start in one area of the room and work our way around it. We moved the table, both to clear the middle of the room a bit, and to put it to use. We removed the grey plastic storage drawers piece, and placed the microwave, which had been in the laundry room, there instead. Kristen would use it as part of her glass work.



Next, to position the wooden storage piece that Kristen planned to sell, with my encouragement. Instead, she’d thought to store weights in it. Genius! We set up the table, with some supplies on it and a lamp above it. Her crafting area was taking shape – yay!


To finish our session, we removed two extra dining chairs. I hope to hang them on the laundry room wall, to get them off the floor. We positioned cube storage on the weights storage piece, discussing how to use the cubes. We put some things in them. Final placement? We weren’t sure but, with our time used up, “good enough was good enough.”



When time allows, we will continue making the room a crafts area and workout space. In the meantime, we’d made some serious progress on the basement clutter. Onward!

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Basement Clutter – Work on a Work in Progress, Vol. II