Peggy wanted to clear bathroom clutter. Okay! We would focus on two areas – a cupboard above the washer and dryer, and another one below the sink.

We pulled lots of containers of products down from the shelves, tossing those past their useful dates. On some, finding that information was hard, if not impossible. When in doubt, we threw them out. We discussed what to put where – laundry detergent and dryer sheets in one spot, then lightbulbs together, then disinfectant sprays and wipes in another. Results follow.


Next, we turned around to work on the cupboard under the sink. We followed the same process – tossing products past their prime. We consolidated her hairbrushes and dryer implements. We tucked the plunger in on the side, next to the pesky pipe, which used up too much space. We placed a product called All In One behind some of Peggy’s hair items. What was that? It was for trimming her sweetie Ed’s beard, on a monthly basis. It had been above the washer and dryer. Would she/they remember its new location? She felt confident. Okay!


Our time used up, we discussed where to work next. While that was to be determined, Peggy was pleased with the session’s progress. Bathroom clutter gone!

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Bathroom Clutter Gone!