John is transforming an upstairs room in his house. It’s full of papers from various work aspects of his life. The goal is to turn it into a bedroom for staging, as he prepares to sell the house.

We are going through many, many papers. Some of it is difficult, and emotionally tough, work for him. At one point, he said that I’m his lifeguard. That’s one of the greatest compliments I’ve gotten during my 7+ years of working as a professional organizer. I also love the water, so it resonates on that level, too.

John is also working hard at parting with some other objects that are emotionally draining. One is a painting, showing the large back yard behind his house. It was a gift from someone who no longer is in his life. He looked stressed as we discussed it. He wants the memory of the yard. My lifeguard’s suggestion – take some photos of it, and donate the painting. His frown softened into a smile.

This is some of the most deeply satisfying work I’ve done. It’s not about me, though very much is about supporting clients as we work through whatever brought us together. In this case, it’s to help John as he leaves behind some difficult reminders. More accurately, some are going into the wood stove and providing heat! Benefits abound!

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Bearing Witness as His Lifeguard