She looked online for a local professional organizer. We had a lively and funny first conversation, and scheduled time together. She lives in a studio/one bedroom apartment that is full of personality and soul.

We focused on her bedroom, first clearing and organizing a set of shelves under the window. We consolidated photos and other items, placing them in the blue fabric bins. There even was room left over! The beige plastic bin will hold towels.

As the photos show, Bandit the kitty inspected, then sat in front of the newly-organized shelves, presumably approving our work.

We also cleared in front, and on top of, two trunks. We re-folded some quilts, so that the fold shows. It’s a subtle, though powerful, action, eliminating “visual noise.”

When we get together again, we may work on bins under her bed.

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Bedroom Organization – a Process

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