Sarah was a bit nervous before our first session together. When I arrived on a cold, though clear day, we looked around at the projects we could take on to make the house more welcoming and comfortable for her family and guests.

Where to start? Sarah chose her vanity. Before we did anything else, I took down the charger cord dangling from a shelf above the vanity, and the triangular bag suspended from a shelf peg. Visual noise gone! We tossed old makeup, and set aside other cosmetics for a friend who might enjoy them. Sarah said that she actually would like to remove the vanity and replace it with a slim black table from another room. It would be easier to get near the closet in her wheelchair. Her smiling son Josh was a tremendous help, moving furniture with great energy. What a guy!

Where will we focus next? The closet? Another room? That’s to be determined. Her nervousness gone, Sarah was smiling. Success!

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