As Janelle prepared to leave the family house behind, and also the general environs for a few months, we would devote our second of two sessions to her son Chester’s bedroom. Another son, Dallas, and his friend Amelia would help.

My first action – straightening a framed photo of Einstein, since it was bugging me. (More about that in a bit.)

Below some shelves, another surface, covered with stuff. We cleared it, and the area below, too.

Chester didn’t like the other shelves in the room across from the foot of his bed. We emptied, then put them outside for later consideration. We brought in a table, and placed his computer and other electronics, already in bins, under the table.

Janelle and I then pulled some items from the closet.

Our time used up, she was pleased. Smiling, she said that Chester would be happy, too. Success!

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Before “Leaving Dodge,” Part Two